Enhancing human experience with the built environment...

Our vision is for buildings to be efficient, sustainable, resilient, healthy, comfortable, and affordable. Furthermore, we work to ensure that contractors, owners, and occupants have rewarding experiences in their interactions with buildings.


Contractors create “built environments” and then often leave the building performance to chance. Artisan Associates will collaborate with the contractor team to make sure that energy efficiency, renewable energy, moisture management, and code compliance raise the building performance for the long-term satisfaction of the operators or owners, while recognizing that for the construction project to be successful, it must remain on time and under budget. Artisan Associates brings construction experience on projects large and small from both the private and public sectors. Artisan Associates also offers a-la-carte services, such as energy audits, materials selection, and CAD (computer aided drafting).


We often hear “that’s the way we always do it” or some form of continuing to do things the way we always have. Well, Artisan Associates doesn’t believe in blindly doing it the “way we used to.” While there are many places where that may a good thing, in the built environment the way we do things must keep pace with a myriad of changes such as building codes, material availability, and owner expectations. At Artisan Associates we understand the need for continuous training to bring in new ideas, practitioners, and materials. We bring years of experience on projects in field to our training table. Further, we perform training where it’s needed, whether it is in an office, a classroom, or on a construction site. With our training, we can assist you in bringing your product, process, or project to completion.


A dispute, large or small, can distract the focus of your business or impair your tranquility in your private life. It may be a disagreement that is heading toward litigation, is already being litigated, or it may just be a miscommunication that is impairing your peace of mind. Artisan Associates can help you find a resolution. We provide mediation of any civil matters, as opposed to family law matters. We have experience in mediating private disputes as well as participating in the New Orleans community-police mediation pilot program. We can be the sole mediator or we can perform alongside a co-mediator. Artisan Associates is particularly well suited to mediate construction disputes because of our background as contractors.


Artisan Associates has decades of experience in house construction and renovation. Our associates maintain master electrician as well as mechanical/HVAC licenses, so we can take on improvement projects or else perform as a subcontractor on larger projects. Additionally, we have developed techniques for performing energy audits and applying energy efficiency and weatherization to historic homes. One thing that sets Artisan Associates apart is that we have the specific and rare skill set for repairing and improving historic wood windows and doors, which allows for homeowners to keep beautiful architectural features while reducing draftiness and improving the energy performance of the house.

“Green Building” & Mediation

Most of us have heard the term “green building.” It’s a bit vague and imprecise. You can get a third party to rate a structure as having met a points scheme and then you may feel more justified to label it. We can also talk about “sustainable building practices,” but there are dozens of definitions and debates when you try to clarify what you mean by “sustainable.” But what about how the building performs, how it feels to the folks occupying it, or for that matter, did the contractors feel good about being involved in the design and assembly of it? Artisan Associates’ mission is to change the way people experience buildings, from concept, through construction, to the use of it, as well as the maintenance of it. It’s a simple idea that people should have positive experiences with our buildings.

We apply some traditional skills and methods to this through consulting, training, and hands-on contracting. What may be a bit more novel is our bringing mediation as part of our toolkit on construction projects. Sometimes there are disagreements or disputes that arise from misunderstandings or miscommunications. Conflicts flare up all the time—it might be between the architect and the couple planning their dream home or it might be between the general contractor and the electrician. These disputes can grow until they sour the participants’ involvement in the project and may spread that dissatisfaction to others at the work site, like subcontractors who weren’t directly part of the issue. Mediation can repair the miscommunication and get the construction project back on the path to being a rewarding experience. It is far more productive to use mediation and actively participate in solving your construction dispute rather than for it to escalate into litigation that is time consuming, and expensive. Consider keeping control of your project by controlling the settling of your dispute. If you choose to litigate, you surrender your ability to control the outcome because you’re asking for a ruling from a judge or a verdict from a jury. Keep your project on the right track, resolve disputes through mediation, and lay the foundation for a healthy, enjoyable built environment.