At Artisan Associates, we have credentialed, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals to meet a wide range of project needs. Another strength of ours is to assemble top-notch teams tailored to the criteria of the client and/or the challenges of the work.

infrared thermal profile of a residence

Our artisans, have a common demoninator–we care about our craft. We bring an old-world devotion to our vocation but updated with the latest technology, tools, and science-based approach to gathering and analyzing data to accomplish the goals of our clients and collaborators.

While credentials are only one indication of suitability for work or for a collaboration, Artisan Associates has a significant amount of credentials:

  • residential home inspector – licensed with State of LA
  • master electrician license – State of LA and several parishes
  • master mechanical (HVAC) license – State of LA and several parishes
  • solar energy equipment specialty – State of LA
  • master gasfitter license – LA State Plumbing Board (inactive)
  • 203k consultant – Dept. of Housing & Urban Development
  • civil mediator – registered with State of LA
  • public notary – commissioned with the State of LA