What sets Artisan Associates’ inspections apart?

Artisan Associates brings a host of experience and insight to each inspection. A home inspector should do more than just robotically report what was seen. Artisan Associates knows insight can be gained through the other senses such as touch, hearing, and smell to understand the house. Where appropriate, technology can be deployed to discern subtleties (e.g. infrared thermal imaging or floor level differences of an inch or less). With a contractor’s understanding of how residential systems are designed and constructed, Artisan Associates understands why buildings contain certain materials and equipment, as well as how those components change over time. Finally, Artisan Associates may be the only inspection service able to confidently and comprehensively inspect solar panel systems.

Here’s a sample of one of our inspection reports:


  • Base fee: $350
  • Additional fees that may apply:
    • outbuildings / detached / separate structures = +$50
    • re-inspection = +$125
    • foundation level survey (relative elevation differential) = included with residential inspection
    • travel distance greater than 25 miles = + $50
    • square footage greater than 3,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet = +$50
    • square footage greater than 4,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet = +$100
    • house is 50 years or older = +$50
    • house is 2 stories or taller = +$50


Reserve time for your inspection: